Game Day USA Tournament

Four of our players (Michael Johnson, Steven Glick, Cameron Jones, Matthew Moy) were invited to play in the Game Day USA Tournament.

Michael Johnson, Steven Glick, Cameron Jones, Matthew Moy, coached by George Johnson, head to the Game Day USA Tournament.
Players Michael Johnson, Steven Glick, Cameron Jones, Matthew Moy head to the Game Day USA Tournament.

Northbrook Tournament

So proud of my players. This is a picture from the Northbrook Tournament.

We came in first place.

– George Johnson, Chicago IL

Coach and players applaud a run
Coach George Johnson applauds a hit with his players.

Sheridan Park Generals recent wins and our all-star lineup

I’m the proud coach of the Sheridan Park Generals, a youth baseball team in Chicago.

Recent wins:

On April 12th we beat Edgebrook Thunder 15 to 4. Earlier that day we beat Homewood 5-3.

We have a great team this year and I’m proud of them all.

Here’s our all-star lineup.

Note that many of the kids play multiple positions depending upon the game.

  • Pitchers: Steven Glick, Cameron Jones, Mathew Shaz., Vince Ventura, Aidan Dan, Matthew Moy, and Andrew Moynihan.
  • Catchers: Leo Rugal, Cameron Jones, and Aidan Dan.
  • First base: Steven Glick, Cameron Jones, Aidan Dan, and Andrew Moynihan.
  • Second base: Michal Johnson and Klaus Konrad
  • Short stop: Joey Rivera, Cameron Jones, Vince Ventura, Matthew Moy
  • Third base: Leo Rugal, Steven Glick, Mathew Shaz., Vince Ventura.
  • Outfielders: Leo Rugal, Joey Rivera, Mathew Shaz., Max Pasiennik, Matthew Moy, Michael Johnson, and Klaus Konrad.

Keep up with our team.

Check out the website GameChanger to see our team news and schedule:

George Johnson of Chicago – welcome to my blog

Friends, family and neighbors,

This is George Johnson, Chicago area lifelong resident. My life is centered around coaching and my family.

George Johnson’s Chicago activities:

Millennium Capital broker

I have been a broker my entire business career. I really don’t want to focus too much on my broker career because when people think of me they think of me as a Coach.


I coach school basketball, flag football, floor hockey, house league baseball for both boys, but what I’m most noted for is my 12U travel baseball team called the Sheridan Park Generals.

We finished last year 43-8-1 and won a number of tournaments!

– George Johnson